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Drivers, Blacksmiths, Farriers, Carriage Makers etc. Possessed of Good Character and Strong Constitutions.


Avoid Conscription, Enlist in the celebrated


Quick Promotions for Veterans

Print this page out and mail to: Lt Walter Patt, 6430 Woodland Boulevard, Pinellas Park, Florida, 33781

Application For Enlistment

1st US Artillery, Battery "A"

Name:__________________________________ Birthdate:____________ Age:____

Spouse's Name: ________________________

Children's Name: ______________________





Previous Reenacting Experience: Yes ( ) or No ( )
If Yes: What unit/position or rank held ? _________________________________________

Do you own period correct clothing, equipment, or firearms ? Yes ( ) or No ( )
If yes, what type? _______________________________________________________________

Dues are $15 per person or $20 per family, per year.


Battery A, 1st US Artillery participates in Civil War reenactments state wide, some times traveling to events in nearby states. We also participate in memorial services, school programs, and living history portrals. We are dedicated to historic preservation and donate both time and money to this purpose. By joining this reenactment group you are associating yourself with a patriotic organization committed to honoring those men and women who gave their hearts and lives to the cause of freedom.

I wish to enlist in the 1st US Artillery and work to help preserve a part of American heritage through the portrayal of the 1st US Artillery. I, the undersigned, seek enlistment in the 1std US Artillery and hereby agree to the conditions, terms, and bylaws of the charter and by my signature assume the responsibilities and duties of enlistment.


I hereby absolve 1st US Artillery, Battery "A" and all sponsoring parties of responsibility for any injuries, loss of equipment, or other mishaps resulting from participation in any reenactment event.

SIGNATURE:_______________________ DATE:______________

Uncle Sam

Crossed Flags

This page last updated: July 18, 2004