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Artillery.gif Third U.S. Artillery
(Speed and Accuracy)

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    The 3rd U.S. Artillery, Battery E is a group of Civil War re-enactors. We commemorate our history and our heritage by re-enacting Civil War battles.

    Please navigate through our website. Learn how we enjoy the hobby.

    The 3rd US Artillery, Battery E endevors to reenact the Federal regular soldier. The original unit was Regular Army and not a state volunteer unit. Our unit today was formed to provide enjoyable opportunities for individuals and families to experience, learn, and in return, teach others about all aspects of life in the mid-19th century. The American Civil War, or the War for Southern Independence if you wish, is one of the most fascinating and defining moments in our history. Everything from the military conflicts and tactics to civilian life with its social expectations and customs, are experiences that 21st Century living historians in the 3rd US Artillery attempt to re-create.

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    The 3rd US Artillery, Battery E offers the very best in Civil War Re-enacting... check us out !

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    This page last updated: September 21, 2004

    Capt. Brian Talbert
    Capt. Brian Talbert

    This website is dedicated to Capt. Brian Talbert whose contagious enthusiam for this hobby made me excited about joinning the ranks of the 3rd US Artillery. (Cpl. W. E. Patt)

    Capt. Brian Talbert
    Night Fire
    Fall Creek Falls, Tenn. 2004
    photo courtesy of Brian Talbert

    Author Unknown

    On the unstained sward of the gentle slope,
    Full of valor and nerved by hope,
    The infantry sways like a coming sea;
    Why lingers the light artillery?
    "Action front!"

    Whirling the Parrotts like children's toys,
    The horses strain to the rushing noise;
    To right and to left, so fast and free,
    They carry the light artillery.
    "Drive on!"

    The gunner cries with a tug and a jerk,
    The limbers fly, and we bend to our work;
    The handspike in, and the implements out--
    We wait for the word, and it comes with a shout--

    The foes pour on their billowy line;
    Can nothing check their bold design?
    With yells and oaths of fiendish glee,
    They rush for the light artillery.
    "Commence firing!"

    Hurrah! Hurrah! our bulldogs bark,
    And the enemy's line is a glorious mark;
    Hundreds fall like grain on the lea,
    Mowed down by the light artillery.

    "Fire!" and "Load!" are the only cries,
    Thundered and rolled to the vaulted skies;
    Aha! they falter, they halt, they flee
    From the hail of the light artillery.
    "Cease firing! "

    The battle is over, the victory won,
    Ere the dew is dried by the rising sun;
    While the shout bursts out, like a full-voiced sea,
    "Hurrah for the light artillery!"
    "Hurrah for the light artillery!"

    In Memory of the Columbia

    Crossed Flags

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