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Here are the correct answers to the questions you got wrong:

"; // Create four question objects... quiz = new makeArray(18); quiz[0] = new makeQuestion('Lacking sufficient Artillery, Southern defenders had to use what simulated weapons?', 1, 'Artifaces', 'Quaker Cannons', 'Cannonades', 'Blanks'); quiz[1] = new makeQuestion('Where were virtually all Civil War cannon loaded?', 2, 'The breach', 'The cascabell', 'The muzzle', 'The vent'); quiz[2] = new makeQuestion('On what part of a big gun were culprits often spread-eagled for hours as punishment?', 0, 'The Carriage Wheel', 'The Tire', 'The Limber Box', 'The Reinforcing Ring'); quiz[3] = new makeQuestion('What simple piece of iron, driven in the vent of a muzzle-loading cannon, effectively disabled it?', 0, 'A spike', 'A pick', 'A fuse', 'A primer'); quiz[4] = new makeQuestion('How many horses were needed to pull the six guns of a standard field battery?', 1, '30', '36', '54', '72'); quiz[5] = new makeQuestion('Each of the six barrels of the Gatling gun could fire how many rounds per minute?', 3, '50', '75', '90', '100'); quiz[6] = new makeQuestion('What was the smallest shell thrown by a gun named for inventor Robert P. Parrott?', 2, 'Five pounds', 'Seven Pounds', 'Ten Pounds', 'Twenty Pounds'); quiz[7] = new makeQuestion('What was the standard device that was pulled to set off field artillery and siege guns?', 1, 'A hand spike', 'A lanyard', 'A flare', 'A lever'); quiz[8] = new makeQuestion('What wooden device was sometimes strapped to a round projectile for a tighter fit?', 0, 'A sabot', 'A sponge', 'A worm', 'A cup'); quiz[9] = new makeQuestion('How far could the roar of an artillery battle be heard under the best conditions?', 2, 'Less than 5 miles', 'More than 5 miles', 'More than 10 miles', 'More than 25 miles'); quiz[10] = new makeQuestion('What cylindrical pivots permit a cannon or mortar to be elevated and lowered quickly?', 0, 'Trunnions', 'Wheels', 'Axles', 'Elevators'); quiz[11] = new makeQuestion('When two or more pieces of field artillery are moved frequently and rapidly along the battle line, what were they called?', 3, 'A dancing battery', 'A mobile battery', 'A flanking battery', 'A flying battery'); quiz[12] = new makeQuestion('What can-shaped projectile usually contained fourty-eight round balls?', 0, 'Canister', 'Grape Shot', 'Ball Shot', 'Lead Shot'); quiz[13] = new makeQuestion('Among the six horses that drew a piece of artillery, what were those closest to the gun called?', 1, 'The lead pair', 'The wheel pair', 'The rear pair', 'The trail pair'); quiz[14] = new makeQuestion('What is the name of the two-wheel ammunition chest that was attached to each pice of field artillery?', 2, 'A cassion', 'An ammunition carrage', 'A limber', 'A baylor'); quiz[15] = new makeQuestion('When six movable guns of the same caliber were grouped together, what did they form?', 3, 'A corps', 'A section', 'A regiment', 'A battery'); quiz[16] = new makeQuestion('The heavy thirteen-inch mortar nicknamed Dictator was mounted on what contraption?', 2, 'A rotating table', 'A sliding carrage', 'A railroad flatcar', 'A cassion'); quiz[17] = new makeQuestion('How were the iron tires of caissons and field artillery muffled for silence in retreat or advance?', 2, 'They were coated with rubber', 'They travled in single file', 'They were wrapped in blankets', 'They were strapped to mules'); quiz[18] = new makeQuestion('What was the limit of use of the Bormann time fuse, widely attached to artillery shells?', 0, '5 seconds', '7 seconds', '10 seconds', '15 seconds'); // -->

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The Artillery Quiz


Answer the following questions and you'll find out how much you really know about Artillery from the Civil War!

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